We have tried to answer the most common questions so that you may quickly resolve any issues you encounter.

How do I get my items?

After purchasing from us, you will be redirected to your claim page where you will be prompted to enter your username. Once you have confirmed your username, you will be given a private server link to join and one of our bots will send you a trade. You can follow our tutorial here.

How do I get to my claim page?
  1. After placing an order, check the email or phone number that you provided.
  2. Find the message from our store and then press View Your Order.
  3. Scroll down and enter your username to begin the claim process!
  • If you provided an incorrect email or phone number, you may find your claim page in your Browsing History. Otherwise, you will need to contact our support to retrieve your items.
Why won't the bot accept my friend request?
  1. Make sure that you are logged into the correct Roblox account.
  2. Make sure that your Roblox account has fewer than 200 friends.
  3. After sending the bot a friend request, return to your claim page and press the button saying "I sent a friend request".
  • If you closed your claim page, follow our steps under "How do I get to my claim page?"
  • If you are receiving the message "Unable to send friend request", Roblox is likely experiencing service outages. Please try sending the friend request from WIFI, Cellular, or a VPN if possible.
Why is my card getting declined?

Our payment processor does not allow the use of gift cards when making purchases. If your card is not a gift card and it is still being declined, you will need to use a different card.

Why was my card charged if it was declined?

If your card was declined, we have not received your payment. Your card statement may inaccurately display that the balance was taken; this is common. Your card statement may take up to a day to reflect that the funds were not sent.

How do I become a sponsor/affiliate?

If you would like to apply for becoming an affiliate, please join our Discord server and make a ticket! We will ask you to provide statistics from your Youtube/TikTok channel. Our Discord server invite can be found on our Contact Page. We cannot accept sponsors/affiliates by email.

Why do you need my address?

Your card provider requires us to ask you for your address and full name in order to process your payment. This information is necessary for any online purchase. We only use your information for payment processing and we never sell your personal data.

Can I get banned for using this?

Our site is completely safe to use as we've had thousands of customers successfully purchase and enjoy their items in MM2!

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